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I would like to thank the entire team of MoveMeTodubai, and especially commend the outstanding work of our wonderful on-site guide, Fousia. She not only answered all our questions but also addressed those we forgot to ask or didn't even think to pose! Her professionalism and kindness in her work are truly remarkable. I have no regrets about our collaboration, and I highly recommend her services, which exceeded our expectations. All the participants had nothing but praise for her.

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My real name is Fousia, and I left France after completing my LEA master's degree. I expatriated to the Emirates in 2006 after a brief stay in England, allowing me to witness Dubai's development firsthand.

Before becoming a Consultant in Corporate and Individual Expatriation, I gained professional experience in the Oil & Gas sector in the region. I explored the Gulf market through major events and conferences from Qatar to Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, and Bahrain.

My time in London was a significant asset as English is the most spoken language in the country, undoubtedly a real advantage for settling here! I also learned the Emirati Arabic dialect, Khaleeji, which is the country's language (not Classical Arabic, as many believe).

Having a husband born here, I got to experience the Emirates from a different perspective, beyond being a mere tourist or expatriate, by sharing the culture of the country and its people. Raising my children here, I can also share the daily life and reality of family life in the Emirates.

Neither the media, YouTube, Instagram, nor even Google can replace personal on-the-ground experience. I will provide you with all the concrete and useful information you need for your settlement.

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Maa Salama.


The United Arab Emirates, composed of over 85% expatriates, continues to attract an increasing number of people every day. However, the information available, especially in French, is often limited or distorted. I propose to share my knowledge with you and guide you through the expatriation process.

Even though Dubai is the most publicized emirate, the capital is Abu Dhabi, and many expatriates choose the northern emirates for a more affordable cost of living, especially in Sharjah and Ajman. As the UAE celebrates its 50th year in 2021, it is constantly evolving, with the country's rules and laws also changing. Staying updated is crucial.

With intense competition and Dubai being one of the most expensive destinations globally, it's essential to stack the odds in your favor to make the best choices. Every year, numerous families/companies, lacking market research and knowledge of the country, deplete their savings before leaving. Whether you want to settle there for entrepreneurship, work, or investment, I will answer your questions!

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