May 23, 2023

Success loves speed and delays kills dreams

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Success loves speed and delays kills dreams.

When you delay decisions, not only do you delay progress…

it also comes with the opportunity cost of not being an early adopter or front runner.


2 people can look at buying shares of Tesla in March 2020

Person A bought straight away,

Person B thought about it for 1 year, then bought in March 2021.

Same action, done in different speeds, totally different outcomes.

Example 2:

2 people can know what to do to sign 10 new clients.

Person A took focused action and implemented in 30 days,

Person B got distracted, procrastinates, and took 90 days.

Same action, done in different speeds, one person earned 3x as much as the other.

“Knowing” is just the start point, but it’s far from being the vehicle that takes you to the next level.

Indecision, distractions, delays… they’re all dead weight that destroys your momentum and your team’s productivity.

Develop the skill to prioritize and make quick, informed decision.

Time is not money, time is infinitely more valuable than money. Especially in a rapidly changing environment.

Those who understand this will end 2023 in a great place, having taken the market share from those who’re still operating their coaching business the same way they did in 2021.

Delay or not to delay, it’s your call.

Either way, the clock’s ticking.


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"80% of results come from 20% of causes.
A few things are important; most are not."
- Richard Koch